Some of the Great Things the PTA Does...

In addition to the monthly meetings, the PTA sponsors cultural assemblies for the students, opportunities for students to learn Spanish and French, after school science, chess, and piano classes, and other enrichment activities.

In addition to the PTA-sponsored Scholatic Book Fair, PTA social programs offer our children opportunities to further enhance their social skills and community building through programs such as International Night, and the always-popular Fall Festival.

The PTA also supports Arts Integration by funding artists-in-residence at Lakewood. We also provide teachers with annual stipends to supplement and enhance the curriculum. Your dues also provide your children with resources such as library books, math initiatives, computers, safety patrols, science fair, and more! The PTA sponsors the Staff Appreciation to the school's teachers through lunches, breakfasts, and other recognitions.

Each month, PTA representatives attend meetings of the Wootton Cluster and the Montgomery County Council of PTAs.

How the PTA Pays For All of This...

PTA programs are partly funded by membership fees, but fundraisers are also used to help finance the PTA's efforts. We have many fundraiser type activities such as the Scholastic Book Fair in the fall, as well as our restaurant and retail fundraisers throughout the year.

PTA Executive Board, 2017-2018

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    The Lakewood PTA cannot function without the help of Lakewood parents and teachers. Please support your child(ren) and volunteer to help at any of our events throughout the year.
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    Contact the 2016-17 Executive Board.
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    Fundraising opportunities for our school.
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    Show your school spirit by supporting this fundraiser! Lakewood Spirit Wear (logo t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) is sold at major PTA events.
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